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Virtualization Services

Let virtualization save you money, storage space, energy consumed.

Semoice’s Virtualization Services can help you through the entire process of choosing the right virtualization technology and implementing it into your office environment.

If your company is still running a large number of Windows XP workstations and you are concerned about the aging hardware and the 2014 Microsoft XP support hard stop. Then you should do as thousands of businesses did by turning to server and desktop virtualization to reduce IT costs, free up resources, better manage risks and decrease downtime.

VMware Virtualization

Semoice has been providing VMware solutions to hundreds of satisfied clients for years. VMware solutions have saved our clients thousands of dollars in hardware and energy cost savings, decreased space needed for servers while reducing their carbon footprint.

What are the benefits?

  • Fewer physical workstations and servers to manage and maintain, saving warranty and support costs.
  • Space requirements are lessened when fewer physical workstations and servers are used.
  • Centralized desktop management reduces help desk expenditures.
  • Improved application response using “thin client” technology.
  • Up to 70% reduction in IT-related electrical energy costs.
  • Less workstations and servers means less cooling.

Reduced hardware needs is one of the biggest benefits of Virtualization. Because there is less hardware needed, businesses can cut their IT budgets significantly. This advantage of server virtualization is perfect for small businesses that require less computing resources, and even for medium businesses that want to optimize what they currently have.

We work closely with our customers and provide top notch support.